Dugan Stork and Rushes Amethyst Bowl

Dugan Stork and Rushes Amethyst Bowl



Dugan Stork and Rushes Amethyst Bowl in great condition.

The Dugan Glass Company was a glass manufacturer based in the American state of Pennsylvania.

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The Dugan glass company was founded by Thomas Dugan, a cousin of Harry Northwood.[1] About 1904 Dugan along with his partner W. G. Minnemayer bought the closed Northwood factory in Indiana, PA and opened it as the Dugan glass company.[1] The company continued production after the Dugans left the company and was renamed the Diamond glass company in 1913.[2] The company continued production until a fire destroyed the plant on June 27, 1931.[2]


Example of Dugan peach opalescent

Dugan peach opalescent bowl with marigold carnival treatment and Ski Star pattern.
Dugan is best known for peach opalescent, a type of Carnival glass.[2] They produced the most peach opalescent of any of the carnival glass manufacturers.[3] They also produced deep shades of amethyst glass, some so dark they appeared black.[1] They were also known for deep crimped edges.[1] They also produced Iridescent Frit Glass.[4] The Dugan Pompeian, Venetian, and Japanese glass lines were examples of frit glass. These pieces were rolled in glass frit, which is ground up pieces of glass, and then shaped by hand.[5]

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 10 in

Dugan Glass Company


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