L. E. Smith Yellow Hobnail Glass Champagne Tall Sherbet

L. E. Smith Yellow Hobnail Glass Champagne Tall Sherbet



L. E. Smith Yellow Hobnail Glass Champagne Tall Sherbet in great condition. It measures 4.5″ high x 3.75″ diameter.

The L.E. Smith Glass Company is an American-based glass manufacturer.

History & Description
The company was established in 1907 in Jeannette, Pennsylvania and despite being overlooked by many American glass collectors, is one of the few remaining hand-made glass factories in the United States. It is perhaps best known for producing the first headlight lens for the Model T Ford.
They began manufacturing colored glass in the early 1920s. Their most popular colors were cobalt, amethyst, yellow, amber, green and pink. The company finally gained nationwide recognition for their unique black glass formula, which set them apart from the competition of the time.
In 1975 the company was purchased by Owens-Illinois, Inc. of Toledo, Ohio, a glass container manufacturer. Smith continued to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary.
L.E. Smith Glass Company was acquired by William Kelman in 2005 and is now known as Smith Glass Co..
Guide for collectors
The company’s black glass products, which show amethyst colors when held up to a light, have become extremely popular to collectors. In addition, the Moon & Star and American – which they purchased from the struggling Fostoria Glass Company in the 1930s – lines are also highly collectible.
Instances of L.E. Smith Glass Company products sold through national auction houses are extremely rare. Instead, collectors are much more likely to purchase items from eBay, which regularly advertises Smith Glass.
Over the years they acquired many molds from companies that produced Early American Pressed Glass, among which the most popular is Moon & Star, originally named Palace by Adams & Co., 1888.
For more information on current products, collectors should visit the official Smith Glass website.

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 in
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Champagne Glasses, Sherbet Dish






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