Texaco The Texas Company Round Retro Tin Sign

Texaco The Texas Company Round Retro Tin Sign



Texaco The Texas Company Round Retro Tin Sign

11.75 inches x 11.75 inches

1901-1911The Birth of a Company

At the dawn of the 20th century, discovery of oil in southeast Texas transforms the area and gives birth to The Texas Co., later Texaco, which quickly grows into a major international petroleum company. Highlighting the company’s first decade are significant discoveries, the entry into new markets, and development of new products from kerosene to automotive gasoline and lubricants.


The Texas Fuel Co. is organized in March 1901 with sufficient capital to purchase large quantities of crude oil from the Spindletop field, develop a storage and transportation network and sell crude at a profit to northern United States refineries.


J.S. Cullinan and Arnold Schlaet form “The Texas Company” in April 1902, absorbing the Texas Fuel Co. and inheriting its office in Beaumont. By November, the new company makes appropriations for the first units of the Port Arthur (Texas) Refinery as well as 20 storage tanks, its first marine vessel, and equipment for an oil terminal to serve sugar plantations along the Mississippi River. This early growth pattern continues in the years ahead.

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